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Parts Listing for TOYOTA HIACE KDH 200/222
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In Stock Out Of Stock Genuine Aftermarket
HA04103 A Pillar, RF Wide Body $295.00
HA04148 Air Cleaner Hose - Inner $95.00
HA04149 Air Cleaner Hose - Outer $95.00
HA0445 Air Condensor Shroud $120.00
HA04145 Air Filter Box, Square Petrol $215.00
HA0416 Air Filter Box, Round Diesel $165.00
HA0443 Air Filter Box, Piping $75.00
HA0444 Air Filter Box, Round Petrol $95.00
HA0483 Air Filter Hosing Pipe $75.00
HA0440 AirCon Condensor $295.00
HA0429 Alternator, 1KD 2KD $345.00
HA0461 Alternator, 2TR $345.00
HA0472 Alternator Pulley, Petrol $175.00
HA0497 Badge, 150mm Wide $95.00
HA0475 Bonnet Hinge, RH $35.00
HA0476 Bonnet Hinge, LH $35.00
HA04162 Bonnet Lock $35.00
HA0409 Bonnet, Narrow Type $215.00
HA0413 Bonnet, Wide Type $245.00
HA0420 Bracket, Front Bumper RH $55.00
HA0421 Bracket, Front Bumper LH $55.00
HA0457 Bracket, Rear Bumper RH $35.00
HA0458 Bracket, Rear Bumper LH $35.00
HA0470L Bumper Blank, LH $35.00
HA0470R Bumper Blank, RH $35.00
HA0401 Bumper Cover, Narrow $175.00
HA0428 Bumper Cover, Wide $165.00
HA0431 Bumper Reinforcement, Narrow $195.00
HA0479 Bumper Reinforcement, Wide $201.00
HA0469 Bumper Spoiler, Narrow $95.00
HA0495 Bumper Spoiler, Wide $102.00
HA04120 Control Arm Lower, LH $75.00
HA04172 Crankshaft Pulley, 1KD-2KD $165.00
HA0466 Door Catch Actuator $125.00
HA0414 Door Handle, RF $48.00
HA0415 Door Handle, LF $48.00
HA0422 Door Handle, RH Sliding $51.00
HA0423 Door Handle, LH Sliding $51.00
HA0432 Door Handle, RR Sliding Grey $70.00
HA0434 Door Handle, LR Sliding Grey $70.00
HA0435 Door Handle, LR Sliding Black $70.00
HA0436 Door Handle, RF Inner Black $22.00
HA0437 Door Handle, RF Inner Grey $22.00
HA0438 Door Handle, LF Inner Black $22.00
HA0439 Door Handle, LF Inner Grey $22.00
HA04108 Door Hinge, RF Upper $45.00
HA04109 Door Hinge, LF Lower $45.00
HA04185 Door Hinge, RF Lower $45.00
HA04186 Door Hinge, LF Upper $45.00
HA04146 Door Latch, RF Electric $135.00
HA04147 Door Latch, LF Electric $135.00
HA04150 Door Latch, RF Manual $135.00
HA04151 Door Latch, LF Manual $135.00
HA0486 Door Lock Barrel Set, W Keys $95.00
HA04123L Door Rubber Seal, LF $95.00
HA04123R Door Rubber Seal, RF $95.00
HA04181 Door Shell, LF $595.00
HA0467 Door Step Plate, RH $35.00
HA0468 Door Step Plate, LH $35.00
HA0418 Door Step, RH $55.00
HA0419 Door Step, LH $55.00
HA04132 Front Crossmember Plate,Narrow $95.00
HA04133 Front Crossmember Panel , Wide $95.00
HA04189 Front Door Check Strap $45.00
HA04102 Front Handbrake Cable $95.00
HA04115 Gear Box, Quantum 2TR $1,695.00
HA04173 Gear Shift Cable $175.00
HA0493 Grille, Chrome Narrow Body $145.00
HA0484 Grille, Painted Narrow Body $115.00
HA0410L Guard, LH $75.00
HA04198 Guard, LH With Mirror Hole $75.00
HA0410R Guard, RH $95.00
HA0487 Headlight Combo Switch $115.00
HA0404L Headlight, LH 26-117 $195.00
HA0404R Headlight, RH 26-117 $195.00
HA0452 Headlight, RH 26-118 $195.00
HA0453 Headlight, LH 26-118 $195.00
HA04110S Hub Cap Set $135.00
HA04142 Intercooler $315.00
HA0407 Interior Handle, Grey $48.00
HA04156 Interior Mirror $35.00
HA04153L Kick Plate, LF $45.00
HA04153R Kick Plate, RF $45.00
HA0471 Mirror Head, Round Angle $35.00
HA04195 Mirror, LF Guard $65.00
HA0405L Mirror, LH Black Manual $125.00
HA04105L Mirror, LH Black Manual $95.00
HA0412 Mirror, LH Black 3 Wire $145.00
HA0461L Mirror, LH Black 5 Wire $225.00
HA0478 Mirror, LH Black Manual $115.00
HA04155 Mirror, Rear Tailgate $75.00
HA0405R Mirror, RH Black Manual $125.00
HA04105R Mirror, RH Black Manual $95.00
HA0411 Mirror, RH Black 3 Wire $145.00
HA0461R Mirror, RH Black 5 Wire $225.00
HA0477 Mirror, RH Black Manual $115.00
HA04158 Monsoon, LF $35.00
HA0447 Mud Flap, RF $45.00
HA0448 Mud Flap, LF $45.00
HA0449 Mud Flap, RR $45.00
HA0450 Mud Flap, LR $45.00
HA0451 Mudflap's, Set $100.00
HA04166 Num Plate Lights $35.00
HA0442 Overflow Bottle, Radiator $55.00
HA04188 Radiator Fan Motor $155.00
HA0417 Radiator Sub Assy Fan Shroud $65.00
HA04196 Radiator Support, Upper $115.00
HA04197 Radiator Support, Upper $115.00
HA04114 Rear Bumper, Wide No Step $295.00
HA0492 Rear Bumper, Narrow With Step $175.00
HA04130 Rear Quarter Panel , Wide RH $525.00
HA04131 Rear Quarter Panel, Wide LH $525.00
HA04117 Shock Absorber, Rear $115.00
HA04104 Sliding Door Shell, LH $995.00
HA04136 Sliding Door Lower Catch $95.00
HA04137 Sliding Door Catch, LRR $115.00
HA04140 Sliding Door Lower Slider LH $69.00
HA04141 Sliding Door Contact, Set $145.00
HA04163 Sliding Door Rubber $145.00
HA04178 Sliding Door Hinge Set, RH $195.00
HA04180 Sliding Door Hinge Set, LH $125.00
HA04295 Starter Motor, 1KD 2KD - SML $295.00
HA0465 Starter Motor, 1KD 2KD $295.00
HA04138 Steering Rack, Wide Body $715.00
HA04139 Steering Rack, Narrow Body $695.00
HA0464 Tailgate Garnish, Black $75.00
HA0464C Tailgate Garnish, Chrome $65.00
HA04124 Tailgate Handle $45.00
HA04190 Tailgate HighStop Light 26-122 $115.00
HA04111 Tailgate Latch Assembly $95.00
HA04121 Tailgate Latch Assembly $165.00
HA04134 Tailgate Rubber, Narrow Body $145.00
HA04179 Tailgate Rubber, Narrow Body $115.00
HA04100 Tailgate Strut, Wide Body RH $75.00
HA04101 Tailgate Strut, Wide Body LH $75.00
HA04152 Tailgate Shell, Narrow Body $795.00
HA04154 Tailgate Shell, Wide Body $895.00
HA04170 Tailgate Shell, Wide Body $895.00
HA04171 Tailgate Shell, Wide Body $895.00
HA04191 Tailgate Strut, Mid Roof RH $95.00
HA04192 Tailgate Strut, Mid Roof LH $95.00
HA0473 Tailgate Strut, Narrow Body RH $75.00
HA0474 Tailgate Strut, Narrow Body LH $75.00
HA04160 Tailgate Upper Hinge, RH $25.00
HA04161 Tailgate Upper Hinge, LH $25.00
HA0408L Taillight Cover, LH Chrome $35.00
HA0408R Taillight Cover, RH Chrome $35.00
HA04106 Taillight Vertical Frame, RR $275.00
HA04169L Taillight Filler Panel LH $30.00
HA04169R Taillight Filler Panel, RH $30.00
HA0459 Taillight Filler Bracket RH $30.00
HA0460 Taillight Filler Bracket LH $30.00
HA0406L Taillight, LH 26-120 $145.00
HA0406R Taillight, RH 26-120 $145.00
HA0402 Throttle Body, 1TR 2TR $295.00
HA04112 Turbo Actuator, 1KD $495.00
HA0403 Turbo, 1KD $1,250.00
HA04165 Washer Bottle - Without Motors $65.00
HA04194 Washer Bottle - with Motors $95.00
HA04127 Wheel Bearing Kit, Front $75.00
HA04129 Wheel Bearing Kit, Rear $85.00
HA0485 Window Latch $35.00
HA0424 Window Regulator, RF Electric $170.00
HA0425 Window Regulator, LF Electric $170.00
HA0426 Window Regulator, RF Manual $120.00
HA0427 Window Regulator, LF Manual $120.00
HA04193 Window Winder Handle $15.00
HA0456 Wiper Motor, 12V $225.00
HA04113 Wiper Rack, Narrow Body $185.00
HA04159 Wiper Rack, Wide Body $185.00
HA0462L Wiper Scuttle, Narrow Body LH $14.00
HA0462R Wiper Scuttle, Narrow Body RH $14.00
HA0494L Wiper Scuttle, Wide Body LH $15.00
HA0494R Wiper Scuttle, Wide Body RH $15.00
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