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Parts Listing for TOYOTA HILUX (KUN)
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In Stock Out Of Stock Genuine Aftermarket
HL05196 ABS Sensor, LF $155.00
HL05197 ABS Sensor, RR $155.00
HL05198 ABS Sensor, LR $155.00
HL05151 Air Cleaner Hose $135.00
HL0505 Air Con Condensor, Diesel $295.00
HL0572 Air Filter Box, Diesel $185.00
HL0563 Air Guide, RF Bumper $55.00
HL0564 Air Guide, LF Bumper $55.00
HL05177 Air Resonator Tank $35.00
HL0528 Alternator Pulley $125.00
HL0573 Alternator, 1KD 2KD $395.00
HL0586 Alternator, 1TR/2TR $395.00
HL0541 Badge, Door Hilux $75.00
HL0543 Badge, Door 3.0 $25.00
HL0521 Badge, Grille $55.00
HL05114 Ball Joint $36.00
HL0583 Bonnet Scoop $195.00
HL05115 Bonnet, Non Scoop Type $295.00
HL0517 Bonnet, Scoop Type $225.00
HL0556 Bumper Insert, RH $60.00
HL0557 Bumper Insert, LH $60.00
HL0519 Bumper Reinforcer 2WD $75.00
HL0520 Bumper Reinforcer 4WD $95.00
HL0561 Bumper Side Support RF $40.00
HL0562 Bumper Side Support LF $40.00
HL05157 Clock Spring, Airbag $95.00
HL05186 Clock Spring, Single Plug $175.00
HL0540L Control Arm, Front Upr LH 4WD $120.00
HL0540R Control Arm, Front Upr RH 4WD $120.00
HL0526 Crank Position Sensor $150.00
HL05122 Crankshaft Pulley, 1KD-2KD $165.00
HL05117 Cylinder Head, 1KD $1,495.00
HL05118 Cylinder Head Bolts, Set of 10 $125.00
HL0539 Door Handle, Chrome RR,LR $80.00
HL0578 Door Handle, Black W Key $75.00
HL0580 Door Handle, Chrome W Key $80.00
HL0596RL Door Hinge, RF Lower $65.00
HL0596RU Door Hinge, RF Upper $65.00
HL0597LL Door Hinge, LF Lower $65.00
HL0597LU Door Hinge, LF Upper $65.00
HL05126 Door Lock Catch, RF $195.00
HL05180 Door Lock Catch, RF $95.00
HL05181 Door Lock Catch, LF $95.00
HL0513 EGR Cooler, 1KD $695.00
HL05208 EGR Valve, 1KD $495.00
HL0524 EGR Valve, 2KD $995.00
HL0542L Engine Splash Cover, LH $35.00
HL0542R Engine Splash Cover, RH $35.00
HL0529 Fan Blade $75.00
HL0552 Flare Clip, Red $3.00
HL0553 Flare Clip, Blue $3.00
HL05129 Flare Ext, Rubber Seal - Grey $35.00
HL05116 Flare Extension Clip, 10 pack $45.00
HL05111 Flare Kit, Set of 6 White $395.00
HL05184 Flare Kit, Set of 6 Black $395.00
HL05207 Flare Kit, Set of 6 $395.00
HL05175 Flare, LF Incls Seal $135.00
HL05174 Flare, RF Incls Seal $135.00
HL05128L Flare, Rubber Seal LF - GREY $44.00
HL05128R Flare, Rubber Seal RF, GREY $44.00
HL05123 Front Bumper Flare Bracket, RH $25.00
HL0515R Front Bumper Flare Ext RH $90.00
HL0547 Front Bumper Cover, Non Flare $195.00
HL0548 Front Bumper Cover, Flare Type $225.00
HL0551 Front Nudge Bar Chromed $395.00
HL05194 Fuel Filter Prima Pump $150.00
HL05100 Fuse Box Cover $25.00
HL0533 Gear Bush Kit $45.00
HL0587 Gear Stick Boot $225.00
HL05161 Glass, LF Door Single Cab $65.00
HL0588 Glass, LF Door $call
HL05163 Glass, LR Door Double Cab $65.00
HL05165 Glass, LR 1/4 Glass $55.00
HL05162 Glass, RR Door Double Cab $65.00
HL05164 Glass, RR 1/4 Glass $55.00
HL05119 Grille Gasket Seal $44.00
HL0535 Grille, Early Type $190.00
HL05144 Guard Liner, RF $65.00
HL05146 Guard Liner RR $65.00
HL05147 Guard Liner, LR $65.00
HL0532 Guard Repeater $30.00
HL0507L Guard, LH Non Flare Type $265.00
HL0508L Guard, LH Flare Type $295.00
HL05121 Guard, LH Flare Type $145.00
HL05131 Guard, LH Non Flare Type $165.00
HL0507R Guard, RH Non Flare Type $265.00
HL0508R Guard, RH Flare Type $295.00
HL05120 Guard, RH Flare Type $145.00
HL05130 Guard, RH Non Flare Type $165.00
HL05191 Handbrake Cable, RH 4WD $65.00
HL05193 Handbrake Cable, LH 4WD $65.00
HL0565 Headlight Bumper Bracket, RH $18.00
HL0566 Headlight Bumper Bracket, LH $18.00
HL0589 Headlight Combo Switch $145.00
HL0501L Headlight, LH $295.00
HL0501R Headlight, RH $295.00
HL0559 Headlight, RH $215.00
HL0560 Headlight, LH $215.00
HL05188 Hi Stop Light, Red $115.00
HL0574 Hood Lock $130.00
HL0546L Hoodledge, LH $475.00
HL0546R Hoodledge, RH $475.00
HL0591 Ignition Switch, Electrical $65.00
HL05152 Interior Mirror $35.00
HL0502L Mirror, LH Black Manual $125.00
HL0503L Mirror, LH Chrome 3 Wire $125.00
HL0504L Mirror, LH Black 3 Wire $125.00
HL0502R Mirror, RH Black Manual $125.00
HL0503R Mirror, RH Chrome 3 Wire $125.00
HL0504R Mirror, RH Black 3 Wire $125.00
HL0527R Mirror, RH GLASS ONLY $55.00
HL0523LF Mudflap, LF 4WD $55.00
HL0523LR Mudflap, LR 4WD $55.00
HL0568 Mudflap, LF 2WD $39.00
HL0523RF Mudflap, RF 4WD $55.00
HL0523RR Mudflap, RR 4WD $55.00
HL0567 Mudflap, RF 2WD $39.00
HL0549 Rad Overflow Bottle, Diesel $78.00
HL05148L Radiator Side Plate, LH $50.00
HL0510 Radiator, Shroud Diesel $75.00
HL05190 Rear Bumper, Black Flat $245.00
HL0534B Rear Bumper, Assembly Black $245.00
HL0534C Rear Bumper, Assembly Chrome $245.00
HL0594 Running Boards, Universal $295.00
HL05153 Seatbelt, LF Pre-Tension $495.00
HL05155 Seatbelt, RF Pre-Tension $495.00
HL0550 Side Panel, LH Rear Hook Type $495.00
HL0558 Side Panel, LH Rear Smooth $695.00
HL0536 Spot Light Kit $185.00
HL0536L Spot Light LH $165.00
HL0595 Starter Motor, 1KD 2KD $315.00
HL05101 Steering Cover $45.00
HL05132 Steering Rack, 4WD $695.00
HL05133 Steering Rack, 2WD $695.00
HL05140 Steering Rack, 2WD $895.00
HL0575 Tailgate Handle, Black $90.00
HL0576 Tailgate Handle, Chrome $95.00
HL0509 Tailgate Shell, Centre Open $495.00
HL0545 Tailgate Side Handle LH=RH Gol $49.00
HL0582 Tailgate Shell, Side Open $545.00
HL05134 Taillight, RH 71-3 $75.00
HL05135 Taillight, LH 71-3 $75.00
HL0516L Taillight, LH 71-3 $120.00
HL0516R Taillight, RH 71-3 $120.00
HL0530 Taillight, RH 25-2 Flatdeck $45.00
HL0531 Taillight, LH 25-2 Flatdeck $45.00
HL05204 Throttle Body, 1TR 2TR $295.00
HL0522 Throttle Body, 1GR $295.00
HL05125 Timing Belt Kit, 1KD 2KD $275.00
HL0512 Turbo Actuator, 1KD $495.00
HL05107 Turbo, 1KD $895.00
HL0599 Washer Bottle $135.00
HL05149 Weatherstrip, RR $55.00
HL05150 Weatherstrip, LR $55.00
HL05168 Weatherstrip, RF Double Cab $65.00
HL05169 Weatherstrip, LF Double Cab $65.00
HL05173 Wheel Hub Bearing $135.00
HL05200 Wheel Hub Assembly, 2WD $145.00
HL05142 Window Reg, RF 2DR $105.00
HL05178 Window Reg, RF Manual $75.00
HL0537 Window Reg, RF 4DR $95.00
HL0581 Window Reg, RF 4DR $165.00
HL0506 Windscreen Rubber $45.00
HL05141 Wiper Motor, 12V $225.00
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