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Parts Listing for TOYOTA HILUX (LN140/LN160) PRE FACELIFT
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In Stock Out Of Stock Genuine Aftermarket
HL9895 Air Con Fan Belt Tentioner $155.00
HL98222 Alternator, 2L 3L 5L $345.00
HL9844 Alternator, 1KZ-TE $295.00
HL9818 Apron, Front 2WD $90.00
HL9819 Apron, Front 4WD $125.00
HL9870 Battery Tray $20.00
HL9824 Bumper, Front Painted 2WD $195.00
HL9826 Bumper, Front Chrome 2WD $245.00
HL9827 Bumper, Front Chrome 4WD $265.00
HL9834L Cornerlight, LH 35-70 Grey $45.00
HL9834R Cornerlight, RH 35-70 Grey $45.00
HL9825 Crank Shaft Pulley $135.00
HL9806LL Door Hinge, LF Lower $40.00
HL9806LU Door Hinge, LF Upper $40.00
HL9806RL Door Hinge, RF Lower $45.00
HL9806RU Door Hinge, RF Upper $40.00
HL9845 Doorlock, Mechanism RF $55.00
HL9840 Fan Blade $75.00
HL9804 Gear Bush Kit $25.00
HL9862 Glass, LF Door Single Cab $65.00
HL9861 Glass, RF Door Single Cab $60.00
HL98127 Guard Liner, RR $42.00
HL98128 Guard Liner LR $42.00
HL9801L Guard, LH 4WD $145.00
HL9816L Guard, LH 2WD $115.00
HL9838 Hand Brake Cable, Rear 4WD $95.00
HL9893 Headlight, LH $45.00
HL9894 Headlight, RH $45.00
HL9843 Ignition Switch $145.00
HL9808L Mirror, LH Black Electric $115.00
HL9813L Mirror, LH Chrome 3 Wire $95.00
HL9890L Mirror, LH Black Skin Mount $60.00
HL9891L Mirror, LH Chrome Skin Mount $35.00
HL9808R Mirror, RH Black Electric $115.00
HL9813R Mirror, RH Chrome 3 Wire $95.00
HL9890R Mirror, RH Black Skin Mount $60.00
HL9891R Mirror, RH Chrome Skin Mount $35.00
HL98122 Overflow Bottle $52.00
HL9810 Radiator Fan Shroud 2WD $75.00
HL9849 Radiator, 5L 4WD $350.00
HL9858 Radiator, 5L Automatic LN147 $255.00
HL9841B Rear Bumper, Universal Black $295.00
HL9841C Rear Bumper, Universal Chrome $295.00
HL9837L Reflector, LH Rear LN140 $22.00
HL9837R Reflector, RH Rear LN140 $22.00
HL9852 Running Boards, Universal $295.00
HL9889 Speedo Cable $95.00
HL9805 Starter Motor $350.00
HL9869 Starter Motor, 1KZ $295.00
HL9853B Tailgate Handle, Black $55.00
HL9853C Tailgate Handle, Chrome $35.00
HL98120 Taillight, RH 35-71 35-80 $75.00
HL98121 Taillight, LH 35-71 35-80 $75.00
HL9850 Taillight, RH Flatdeck $45.00
HL9851 Taillight, LH Flatdeck $45.00
HL9856 Washer Bottle $58.00
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