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Parts Listing for TOYOTA HILUX LN85/LN100
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In Stock Out Of Stock Genuine Aftermarket
HL8979 Alternator, External Reg $350.00
HL8963 Body Moulding Kit $75.00
HL8974 Bonnet Hinge, RH $30.00
HL8975 Bonnet Hinge, LH $30.00
HL8932 Brake Proportioning Valve $185.00
HL8907R Bumper Iron, RH 4WD $48.00
HL8921L Bumperlight, LH 35-28 $25.00
HL8921R Bumperlight, RH 35-28 $25.00
HL8902CR Cornerlight, RH 2WD Chr/Clear $50.00
HL8902L Cornerlight, LH 2WD Chrome $50.00
HL8902R Cornerlight, RH 2WD Chrome $50.00
HL8903L Cornerlight, LH 4WD Grey $50.00
HL8904L Cornerlight, LH 4WD Chrome $50.00
HL8904R Cornerlight, RH 4WD Chrome $50.00
HL89106 Cornerlight, RH 2WD Chrome $35.00
HL89107 Cornerlight, LH 2WD Chrome $35.00
HL89108 Cornerlight, RH 4WD Grey $35.00
HL89109 Cornerlight, LH 4WD Grey $35.00
HL89110 Cornerlight, RH 2WD Grey $35.00
HL89114 Cornerlight, LH 2WD Chrome 92- $35.00
HL8935 Cornerlight, RH 2WD Chrome 92- $45.00
HL8982 Cornerlight, LH 2WD Grey 92- $45.00
HL8983 Cornerlight, RH 2WD Grey 92- $50.00
HL8994 Cornerlight, RH 4WD Grey 92- $50.00
HL8995 Cornerlight, LH 4WD Grey 92- $50.00
HL8999L Cornerlight, LH 4WD Chrome 92- $65.00
HL8999R Cornerlight, RH 4WD Chrome 92- $65.00
HL8925 Crank Pulley $150.00
HL8947 Door Handle, LF $35.00
HL8948 Door Handle, RF $35.00
HL8944RL Door Hinge, RH Lower $45.00
HL8944RU Door Hinge, RH Upper $45.00
HL8997 Door Hinge, LH Upper $35.00
HL8998 Door Hinge, LH Lower $35.00
HL8906 Doorlock, Mechanism RF $60.00
HL8955 Fan blade $80.00
HL89134 Fan Blade, Petrol $35.00
HL8916 Front Apron 2WD 92on $75.00
HL8919 Front Apron 2WD 89-92 $85.00
HL8970 Front Apron 4WD 89-91 $55.00
HL8920 Front Bumper, 2WD Painted $250.00
HL8952 Front Bumper, 2WD Chrome $225.00
HL8967 Front Bumper, 4WD Chrome 89-91 $250.00
HL8976 Front Bumper, 4WD Chrome (1pc) $250.00
HL8977 Front Bumper End RH 4WD Chrome $50.00
HL8978 Front Bumper End LH 4WD Chrome $50.00
HL8962 Front Door Check Strap $45.00
HL8987 Gear Bush Kit $50.00
HL8933 Glass, LF 1/4 Glass $38.00
HL8949 Glass, LF 1/4 Glass $56.00
HL8927 Grille 4wd 92-93 grey $125.00
HL8938 Grille 4WD 93-95 Chrome/Black $200.00
HL8939 Grille Grey 92 on hilux $180.00
HL89138 Guard Liner, LF $45.00
HL8910L Guard, LH 4WD $105.00
HL8910R Guard, RH 4WD $105.00
HL89102 H/Light Bezzle, RH Chrome 2WD $45.00
HL89103 H/Light Bezzle, LH Chrome 2WD $45.00
HL8909 Handbrake Cable, Rear LN106 $75.00
HL8996 Handbrake Cable, Front LN106 $75.00
HL8988 Hanger Bearing 4WD $150.00
HL8913 Headlight Combo Switch, LN106 $125.00
HL8956 Headlight Combo Switch, LN106 $125.00
HL8992 Headlight Bezzle, LH 4WD 89-91 $80.00
HL8940L Mirror, LH Black Skin Mount $50.00
HL8941L Mirror, LH Black Corner Mount $45.00
HL8954L Mirror, LH Chrome Skin Mount $60.00
HL8958 Mirror, LH Chrome Corner Mount $35.00
HL8940R Mirror, RH Black Skin Mount $50.00
HL8941R Mirror, RH Black Corner Mount $45.00
HL8954R Mirror, RH Chrome Skin Mount $60.00
HL8957 Mirror, RH Chrome Corner Mount $35.00
HL89100 Radiator Fan Shroud 2WD Diesel $95.00
HL89112 Radiator Fan Shroud 2WD Petrol $45.00
HL8959 Rear Bumper, Assembly Chrome $285.00
HL8971 Rear Bumper, Assembly Black $275.00
HL8946 Rear Glass Lock $25.00
HL8964 Running Boards, Universal $295.00
HL8989 Speedo Cable $65.00
HL8980 Starter Motor, 2L 3L 5L $350.00
HL89135 Steering Shaft, 2WD $95.00
HL8965 Tailgate Handle, Black $35.00
HL8973 Tailgate Handle, Chrome $45.00
HL8993 Tailgate Side Handle LH=RH $35.00
HL8930L Taillight, LH $70.00
HL8930R Taillight, RH $70.00
HL8931L Taillight, LH Lens $40.00
HL8931R Taillight, RH Lens $40.00
HL8985 Taillight, RH Flatdeck $45.00
HL8986 Taillight, LH Flatdeck $45.00
HL8942L Window Reg, LF 1/4 Glass Type $65.00
HL8942R Window Reg, RF 1/4 Glass Type $45.00
HL8943L Window Reg, LF Non 1/4 Glass $65.00
HL8943R Window Reg, RF Non 1/4 Glass $65.00
HL89193 Window Winder Handle $25.00
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