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Parts Listing for TOYOTA HILUX - GUN (REVO)
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In Stock Out Of Stock Genuine Aftermarket
HL15121 Air Bag Module, Passenger $995.00
HL15122 Air Bag Module, Driver $895.00
HL1527 Air Bag Sensor, side $525.00
HL1503 Air Filter Box $195.00
HL1585 Air Filter Box, Lower $395.00
HL15133 Alternator, 1GD 2GD $345.00
HL1598 Badge, Door Hilux $85.00
HL1595 Badge, Grille $55.00
HL1594 Badge, Tailgate Hilux $85.00
HL1554 Bonnet Hinge, RH $75.00
HL1555 Bonnet Hinge, LH $85.00
HL1556 Bonnet Latch $295.00
HL1553 Bonnet, Non Scoop $795.00
HL15117 Cab Mounting Bracket $55.00
HL15114 Chasis Rail Extention LH $295.00
HL1512 Chasis Rail Extention RH $395.00
HL1566 Door Frame Tape, RF $95.00
HL1567 Door Frame Tape, LF $79.00
HL1570 Door Frame Tape, RR $95.00
HL1571 Door Frame Tape, LR $75.00
HL1522 Door Handle, Rear Chrome $65.00
HL1564 Door Shell, RF $1,125.00
HL1565 Door Shell, LF $1,125.00
HL1568 Door Shell, RR $1,195.00
HL1569 Door Shell, LR $1,195.00
HL15110 Engine Cover, Front $395.00
HL15111 Engine Cover Centre $395.00
HL15112 Engine Cover, Rear $295.00
HL15163 Engine Cover, Front $125.00
HL15129 Flare Kit, Complete Double Cab $595.00
HL1534 Fog Lamp Set $295.00
HL1504 Fog Light Cover, LH $75.00
HL1557 Fog Light Cover, RH $85.00
HL1558 Fog Light Cover, RH $75.00
HL1559 Fog Light Cover, LH $75.00
HL15160 Fog Light, RH $85.00
HL15161 Fog Light, LH $85.00
HL1560 Fog Light, RH Koito 0D-103 $115.00
HL1561 Fog Light, LH Koito 0D-103 $115.00
HL1542 Front Bar Absorber, Upper $135.00
HL1505 Front Bumper Bracket, RF 4WD $45.00
HL1506 Front Bumper Bracket, LF 4WD $45.00
HL1507 Front Bumper Bracket, RF 2WD $35.00
HL1508 Front Bumper Bracket, LF 2WD $35.00
HL1538 Front Bumper Cover, 2WD $405.00
HL1539 Front Bumper Cover, 4WD $595.00
HL1540 Front Bumper Reinforcer $165.00
HL1541 Front Bumper Absorber $195.00
HL1543 Front Bumper Mesh $175.00
HL1544 Front Bumper Undies $95.00
HL1545 Front Bumper Bracket, RF 2WD $72.00
HL1546 Front Bumper Bracket, LF 2WD $72.00
HL1547 Front Bumper Bracket, RF 4WD $75.00
HL1548 Front Bumper Bracket, LF 4WD $75.00
HL1549 Front Bumper Cover, SR5 $525.00
HL15113 Front Chasis Crossmember $425.00
HL1521 Front Nudge Bar, Black $595.00
HL15124 Glass, LF Door $195.00
HL15128 Glass, LR 1/4 Glass $65.00
HL1596 Glass, Rear Screen $295.00
HL15123 Glass, RF Door $195.00
HL15127 Glass, RR 1/4 Glass $65.00
HL15130 Grille, Complete Chrome $495.00
HL1562 Grille, Complete Painted $call
HL15167 Grille, SR5 Chrome Surround $495.00
HL15168 Grille, SR5 Black $495.00
HL15164 Guard Inner Trim, RF $75.00
HL15132 Guard Liner, LF 4WD $165.00
HL1578 Guard Liner, RF 2WD $115.00
HL1579 Guard Liner, LF 2WD $115.00
HL1573 Guard, LH 2WD Side Light Hole $295.00
HL1575 Guard, LH 2WD $297.00
HL1577 Guard, LH 4WD $395.00
HL1572 Guard, RH 2WD Side Light Hole $295.00
HL1574 Guard, RH 2WD $345.00
HL1576 Guard, RH 4WD $365.00
HL15131 Guardl Liner, RF 4WD $165.00
HL15109 Header Tank $395.00
HL1535 Headlight, RH $195.00
HL1580 Headlight, RH 0K-44 $455.00
HL1581 Headlight, LH 0K-44 $455.00
HL1582 Headlight, RH 0K-54 $1,195.00
HL1583 Headlight, LH 0K-54 $1,195.00
HL15118 Hoodledge, RH $475.00
HL15119 Hoodledge, LH $495.00
HL1510 Intercooler $595.00
HL15135 Mirror, LH Black Manual $105.00
HL15138 Mirror, LH Chrome Manual $115.00
HL15141 Mirror, LH Black Electric $155.00
HL15143 Mirror, LH Chrome Electric $165.00
HL15145 Mirror, LH Black Electric LED $185.00
HL15147 Mirror, LH Chrome Electric LED $195.00
HL15149 Mirror, LH Smooth Electric LED $185.00
HL15151 Mirror, LH Black Electric LED $225.00
HL15153 Mirror, LH Chrome Electric LED $235.00
HL15155 Mirror, LH Smooth Electric LED $225.00
HL15157 Mirror, LH Chrome Electric $215.00
HL15159 Mirror, LH Black Electric $209.00
HL15105 Mirror, RH Outer 5 Wire LED $495.00
HL15134 Mirror, RH Black Manual $105.00
HL15137 Mirror, RH Chrome Manual $115.00
HL15140 Mirror, RH Black Electric $155.00
HL15142 Mirror, RH Chrome Electric $165.00
HL15144 Mirror, RH Black Electric LED $185.00
HL15146 Mirror, RH Chrome Electric LED $195.00
HL15148 Mirror, RH Smooth Electric LED $185.00
HL15150 Mirror, RH Black Electric LED $225.00
HL15152 Mirror, RH Chrome Electric LED $235.00
HL15154 Mirror, RH Smooth Electric LED $225.00
HL15156 Mirror, RH Chrome Electric $215.00
HL15158 Mirror, RH Black Electric $209.00
HL15100 Mudflap, LF $195.00
HL15102 Mudflap, LR $195.00
HL15101 Mudflap, RR $195.00
HL1511RF Mudflap, RF $55.00
HL1599 Mudflap, RF $195.00
HL1533 Mudflaps, Set of 4 $175.00
HL1509 Overflow Bottle $95.00
HL15104 Radiator Side Deflector, LH $165.00
HL15166 Radiator Shroud, Diesel $145.00
HL1563 Radiator Support Cover $225.00
HL1586 Radiator Support Panel $495.00
HL1590 Radiator Shroud, Diesel $245.00
HL1587 Radiator, Sub Assy Support $85.00
HL1513 Rear Bumper End, RR Chrome $225.00
HL1514 Rear Bumper End, LR Chrome $225.00
HL1515 Rear Bumper Step Cover, RR $195.00
HL1516 Rear Bumper Step Cover, LR $195.00
HL15169 Rear Bumper End, RR Painted $215.00
HL1517 Rear Bumper Step Cover, Centre $195.00
HL15170 Rear Bumper End, LR Painted $215.00
HL1518 Rear Bumper Iron, RH $79.00
HL1519 Rear Bumper Iron, LH $75.00
HL1520 Rear Bumper Reinforcer $295.00
HL15120 Seatbelt, RF Pre Tension $325.00
HL1592 Seatbelt, LF Pre-Tension $395.00
HL1550 Side Panel, LH Rear Hook Type $695.00
HL1551 Side Panel, RH Rear Smooth $695.00
HL1552 Side Panel, LH Rear Smooth $795.00
HL15171 Steering Rack, 4WD $795.00
HL15115 Sub-Assy Plate, RH $55.00
HL15116 Sub-Assy Plate, LH $55.00
HL15103 Tailgate Camera, 6 Pin $215.00
HL15165 Tailgate Handle $395.00
HL1584 Tailgate Hi Stop Light $295.00
HL15233 Tailgate Sticker Black, Toyota $325.00
HL1588 Tailgate Shell, Centre Open $695.00
HL1589 Tailgate Shell, Side Open $895.00
HL1597 Tailgate Sticker, Toyota $215.00
HL1501 Taillight, RH $115.00
HL1502 Taillight, LH $115.00
HL1525 Taillight, RH $175.00
HL1526 Taillight, LH $175.00
HL1537 Washer Bottle $95.00
HL1591 Washer Bottle $215.00
HL1523 Window Reg, RF Electric $95.00
HL1524 Window Reg, RF Manual $95.00
All retail prices are nett, and exclude GST & freight