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Parts Listing for HOLDEN RODEO RA/TFR77
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In Stock Out Of Stock Genuine Aftermarket
ROD0232 Air Filter Box, 4JH1 $195.00
ROD0267 Alternator, 4JH1 $345.00
ROD0298 Alternator, 6VE1 $295.00
ROD0246 Bonnet Catch 2/4WD $105.00
ROD0292 Door Catch, RF $115.00
ROD0244 Door Handle, RF Chrome $45.00
ROD0268 Door Handle, RR Black $65.00
ROD0269 Door Handle, LR Black $65.00
ROD0272 Door Handle, RF Black $75.00
ROD0273 Door Handle, RF Chrome $80.00
ROD0283 Door Handle, RR Chrome $80.00
ROD0284 Door Handle, LR Chrome $80.00
ROD0217 Door Hinge, RU $45.00
ROD0253 Door Shell, RR Double Cab $395.00
ROD0254 Door Shell, LR Double Cab $395.00
ROD0285 Door Shell, RF Single Cab $335.00
ROD0288 Door Shell, LF Double Cab $350.00
ROD0227 Flare Seal Grey $55.00
ROD0230 Front Bumper Support $125.00
ROD0262 Front Bumper Cover, 2WD $165.00
ROD0263 Front Bumper Cover, 4WD $165.00
ROD0264 Front Bumper Blank, RF $45.00
ROD0265 Front Bumper Blank, LF $call
ROD0270 Front Bumper Reinforcer $115.00
ROD0271 Front Bumper Reinforcer, Upper $95.00
ROD0252 Grille, Painted $195.00
ROD0233 Guard Flare, Front RH $165.00
ROD0236 Guard Flare, Front LH $165.00
ROD0289 Guard Liner, RF $55.00
ROD0290 Guard Liner, LF $55.00
ROD0235 Guard, LH Flare Type $195.00
ROD0260 Guard, LH Flare Type $145.00
ROD0234 Guard, RH Flare Type $195.00
ROD0257 Guard, RH Non Flare Type $145.00
ROD0216 Hi Stop Light $95.00
ROD0245 Intercooler $285.00
ROD0202 Mirror, LH Chrome Electric $225.00
ROD0204 Mirror, LH Black Electric $195.00
ROD0206 Mirror, LH LED Electric $275.00
ROD0213 Mirror, LH Black Manual $95.00
ROD0201 Mirror, RH Chrome Electric $225.00
ROD0203 Mirror, RH Black Electric $195.00
ROD0205 Mirror, RH LED Electric $275.00
ROD0212 Mirror, RH Black Manual $95.00
ROD0221 Mudflap, LR $55.00
ROD0223 Mudflap, LF $55.00
ROD0220 Mudflap, RR $55.00
ROD0222 Mudflap, RF $55.00
ROD0291 Overflow Bottle $55.00
ROD0225 Radiator Fan Shroud Lower $24.00
ROD0209 Radiator, Manual Diesel $225.00
ROD0248 Rear Bumper, Chrome $315.00
ROD0243 Spotlight Kit, Inclds Wiring $195.00
ROD0274 Steering Rack, 2WD $495.00
ROD0275 Steering Rack, 4WD $525.00
ROD0297 Suction Control Valve $195.00
ROD0207 Tailgate Handle, Chrome $70.00
ROD0208 Tailgate Handle, Chrome $76.00
ROD0280 Tailgate Handle, Black $65.00
ROD0210 Taillight, RH 5001 $115.00
ROD0211 Taillight, LH 5001 $115.00
ROD02224 Taillight, RH Flatdeck $55.00
ROD02225 Taillight, LH Flatdeck $55.00
ROD0293 Window Reg, RF Electric $95.00
ROD0294 Window Reg, LF Electric $95.00
ROD0295 Window Reg, RF Electric $155.00
ROD0296 Window Reg, LF Electric $155.00
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