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HIG0732 Air Con Fan Assembly $295.00
HIG0733 Air Con Hose Pipe $125.00
HIG0734 Air Con Pipe $55.00
HIG0736 Air Con pipe $38.00
HIG0712 Air Filter Box $225.00
HIG0717 Badge $30.00
HIG0737 Badge $35.00
HIG0710 Bonnet $325.00
HIG0786 Clock Spring, Double Plug $175.00
HIG0720 Door Moulding Clip $7.00
HIG0743 Door Trim Lower, RF $295.00
HIG0744 Door Trim Lower, LF $295.00
HIG0745 Door Trim Lower, RR $295.00
HIG0746 Door Trim Lower, LR $295.00
HIG0718 Fog Light Cover, RH $25.00
HIG0719 Fog Light Cover, LH $25.00
HIG0711 Front Bumper Cover $345.00
HIG0713 Front Bumper Tow Hook, RH $15.00
HIG0750 Front Bumper Cover $695.00
HIG0726 Grille, Chrome $345.00
HIG0714 Guard Panel, RH $25.00
HIG0715 Guard Panel, LH $25.00
HIG0754 Guard Repeter Light, LED $25.00
HIG0702 Guard, LH $195.00
HIG0723 Head Gasket $45.00
HIG0704 Mirror, LH Black 7 Wire $225.00
HIG0739 Mirror, LH GLASS ONLY $65.00
HIG0703 Mirror, RH Black 7 Wire $225.00
HIG0722LF Mudflap, LF $75.00
HIG0722LR Mudflap, LR $75.00
HIG0722RF Mudflap, RF $75.00
HIG0722RR Mudflap, RR $75.00
HIG0742 Mudflaps, Set of 4 $175.00
HIG0735 Powersteeing Pipe $45.00
HIG0751 Radiator Cooling Fan Resistor $295.00
HIG0725 Radiator Fan Shroud $125.00
HIG0752 Radiator Fan Motor, RH $110.00
HIG0753 Radiator Fan Motor, LH $110.00
HIG0724 Radiator Overflow Bottle $65.00
HIG0716 Radiator Top Cover $35.00
HIG0709 Rear Bumper Cover $295.00
HIG0749 Rear Bumper Reflector $25.00
HIG0731 Rear Window Wiper $35.00
HIG0741 Rear Wiper Arm, 310mm $45.00
HIG0747 Taillight, RH $135.00
HIG0748 Taillight, LH $135.00
HIG07288 Throttle Body, 2GR $295.00
HIG0728 Window Reg, RF W/O Motor $115.00
HIG0729 Window Reg, RR W/O Motor $115.00
HIG0730 Window Reg, LR W/O Motor $115.00
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