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Parts Listing for MITSUBISHI PAJERO V44
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In Stock Out Of Stock Genuine Aftermarket
PAJ9120 Alternator, 6G72 12V 90AMP $275.00
PAJ9139 Alternator, 4M40 $335.00
PAJ9140 Brake Proportioning Valve $245.00
PAJ9104 Cornerlight, RH 210-37747 $45.00
PAJ9105 Cornerlight, LH 210-37747 $45.00
PAJ9127 Door Handle, RF Black $45.00
PAJ9128 Door Handle, LF Black $45.00
PAJ9129 Door Handle, RR Black Clip $45.00
PAJ9130 Door Handle, LR Black Clip $45.00
PAJ9131 Door Handle, RR Black Bolt $45.00
PAJ9132 Door Handle, LR Black Bolt $45.00
PAJ9133 Door Handle, RF Chrome $35.00
PAJ9134 Door Handle, LF Chrome $35.00
PAJ9136 Door Handle, LR Chrome Clip $35.00
PAJ9137 Door Handle, RR Chrome Bolt $35.00
PAJ9138 Door Handle, LR Chrome Bolt $35.00
PAJ9170 Door Mould LR $40.00
PAJ9176 Door Moulding RH $40.00
PAJ9177 Door Moulding LH $40.00
PAJ9173 Front Bumper End, LF Non Flare $40.00
PAJ9143 Frt Bumper End LH W/Spot Hole $95.00
PAJ9144 Frt Bumper End RH W/OSpot Hole $115.00
PAJ9149 Frt Bumper End LH $95.00
PAJ9101 Grille, Chrome/Black $95.00
PAJ9169 Guard Flare LR $40.00
PAJ9174 Guard Flare LF $40.00
PAJ9175 Guard Flare RF $40.00
PAJ9103 Headlight, LH 100-37746 $95.00
PAJ9124 Mirror, LH Black 3 Wire $165.00
PAJ9126 Mirror, LH Chrome 3 Wire $175.00
PAJ9121 Mirror, RH 3 Wire JR Series $175.00
PAJ9123 Mirror, RH Black 3 Wire $165.00
PAJ9125 Mirror, RH Chrome 3 Wire $175.00
PAJ9116 Radiator, Auto V46W/4M40 $215.00
PAJ9106 Rear Bumper Light, RH 1146-299 $85.00
PAJ9107 Rear Bumper Light, LH 1146-299 $85.00
PAJ9147 Rear Bumper End LR Black $55.00
PAJ9167 Rear Bumper End, LR Non Flare $40.00
PAJ9178 Side Skirt RH $40.00
PAJ9179 Side Skirt LH $40.00
PAJ9122 Starter Motor, 4M40 $295.00
PAJ9165 Starter Motor, 4D56 $295.00
PAJ9117 Tailgate Handle, White $45.00
PAJ9114 Taillight, RH 043-1540 $65.00
PAJ9181 Timing Belt Kit, 4D56 $call
PAJ912001 Turbo, 2.8L 4M40T 1994-1998 $595.00
PAJ9180 Vacuum Solinoid, 4WD $125.00
PAJ9192 Water Pump, 4D56 $125.00
PAJ9108 Window Reg, RF (Incl Motor) $135.00
PAJ9109 Window Reg, LF (Incl Motor) $155.00
PAJ9161 Window Reg, LF Manual $75.00
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