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Parts Listing for MITSUBISHI TRITON KB/KA UTE 2006-
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In Stock Out Of Stock Genuine Aftermarket
TRI06131 ABS Sensor, RF $95.00
TRI06134 ABS Sensor, LR $215.00
TRI06114 Air Bag $595.00
TRI0601 Air Con Condensor $295.00
TRI06135 Air Con Fan Assembly $245.00
TRI06143 Air Filter Box $108.00
TRI0663 Air Filter Box $295.00
TRI06151 Air Intake Pipe $85.00
TRI0614 Bonnet $595.00
TRI0676 Brake Load Valve, KB4 $245.00
TRI0645 Bumper Reinforcer - 1pc Grille $185.00
TRI06136 Diff Lock Actuator $180.00
TRI0674 Door Handle, RF Black $45.00
TRI0675 Door Handle w/o Key Hole, Blk $45.00
TRI0696 Door Handle- w/o keyhole, Blk $45.00
TRI0681L Door Hinge, LH $55.00
TRI0681R Door Hinge, RH $55.00
TRI0607 Door Lock Catch, RF $105.00
TRI0608 Door Lock Catch, LF $105.00
TRI06149 Door Lock Catch, RF $115.00
TRI06150 Door Lock Catch, LF $115.00
TRI0688 Door Lock Catch, RR $105.00
TRI0689 Door Lock Catch, LR $105.00
TRI0627 Door Shell, LR $745.00
TRI0612 Fan Blade $95.00
TRI06139 Flare Kit, Set of 4 $395.00
TRI0637L Flare, LF $269.00
TRI0637R Flare, RF $269.00
TRI0632 Fog Lamp Bracket LH $36.00
TRI06128 Front Bumper Blank, RH $35.00
TRI06129 Front Bumper Blank, LH $35.00
TRI0613 Front Bumper Lower Centre $145.00
TRI0615 Front Bumper Cover, 2pc Grille $395.00
TRI0620 Front Bumper Mesh - 1pc Grille $115.00
TRI0630R Front Bumper Retainer Brkt RH $45.00
TRI0633L Front Bumper Stay, LH Upper $30.00
TRI0633R Front Bumper Stay, RH Upper $30.00
TRI0634L Front Bumper Stay, LH Lower $36.00
TRI0634R Front Bumper Stay, RH Lower $36.00
TRI0646 Front Bumper Bracket, RH $27.00
TRI0647 Front Bumper Bracket, LH $27.00
TRI0652 Front Bumper Cover, 1pc Grille $495.00
TRI0678L Front Bumper Stay, LH Upper $16.00
TRI0678R Front Bumper Stay, RH Upper $16.00
TRI0684 Front Bumper Retainer, LH $45.00
TRI06108 Front Crossmember $265.00
TRI0623 Glass, LF Door $120.00
TRI06100 Glass, LR 1/4 Glass $50.00
TRI0625 Glass, LR Door $110.00
TRI0624 Glass, RR Door $110.00
TRI0605 Grille Front Bumper, Black $call
TRI0640L Grille, 2pc Type LH $115.00
TRI0640R Grille, 2pc Type RH $115.00
TRI0604 Grille, LH Black $135.00
TRI0603 Grille, RH Black $135.00
TRI0602 Guard Liner, RF Rear Section $68.00
TRI0606 Guard Liner, LF Rear Section $68.00
TRI06120 Guard Liner, RR $125.00
TRI06121 Guard Liner, LR $125.00
TRI06192 Guard Liner, LF Rear Section $55.00
TRI0619 Guard Repeater $25.00
TRI0628L Guard, LH Non Flare Type $245.00
TRI0629L Guard, LH Flare Type $245.00
TRI0628R Guard, RH Non Flare Type $245.00
TRI0629R Guard, RH Flare Type $245.00
TRI0621L Headlight LH P4512 $295.00
TRI0655L Headlight LH P3432 Amber $295.00
TRI0655R Headlight RH P3432 Amber $295.00
TRI06193 Headlight, RH $295.00
TRI06194 Headlight, LH $295.00
TRI0618L Hoodledge LH $595.00
TRI0685 Intercooler, 2.5-3.2 4WD $395.00
TRI06106 Mag Wheel Centre Cap $25.00
TRI0649 Mirror, LH Black Manual $115.00
TRI0651 Mirror, LH Chrome Electric $205.00
TRI0668 Mirror, LH Black Manual $225.00
TRI0682L Mirror, LH Black Electric $95.00
TRI0648 Mirror, RH Black Manual $115.00
TRI0650 Mirror, RH Chrome Electric $205.00
TRI0667 Mirror, RH Black Manual $225.00
TRI0682R Mirror, RH Black Electric $95.00
TRI06101 Mud Flap, RF, Non Flare Type $85.00
TRI06103 Mud Flap, RR, Non Flare Type $85.00
TRI06104 Mud Flap, LR, Non Flare Type $85.00
TRI0691 Mud Flap, RF Flare Type $85.00
TRI0693 Mud Flap, RR Flare Type $85.00
TRI0694 Mud Flap, LR Flare Type $85.00
TRI06116 Oil Resovoir $45.00
TRI0666 Radiator Fan Shroud $165.00
TRI0669 Radiator Fan Shroud 4M41 $195.00
TRI0664 Radiator Overflow Bottle $55.00
TRI0697 Radiator, Manual Petrol $195.00
TRI06109 Rear Bumper Reflector, RR $25.00
TRI06110 Rear Bumper Reflector, LR $25.00
TRI06115 Seatbelt, RF Pre-Tension $445.00
TRI06122 Spot Light, RH=LH $75.00
TRI06123 Spot Light, Set of 2 $295.00
TRI06140 Spot Light Set $245.00
TRI06142 Starter Motor, 4M40 4M41 $265.00
TRI06117 Steering Rack, 4WD $695.00
TRI0677 Steering Rack, 2WD $595.00
TRI06147 Strut Top Hat $105.00
TRI06144 Suction Control Valve $195.00
TRI06124 Tailgate Decal DIAMOND $55.00
TRI06125 Tailgate Decal TRITON $55.00
TRI06126 Tailgate Decal DI-D $58.00
TRI06127 Tailgate Decal COMMON RAIL $25.00
TRI06138 Tailgate Garnish, Black $95.00
TRI0671 Tailgate Garnish, Chrome $125.00
TRI06130 Tailgate High Stop Light $65.00
TRI0673 Tailgate Handle, Black $49.00
TRI0643 Tailgate Shell, W Stop Light $595.00
TRI0644 Tailgate Shell, Handle Only $495.00
TRI0617L Taillight LH 220-16639 $125.00
TRI0617R Taillight RH 220-16639 $125.00
TRI0609 Taillight, RH $135.00
TRI0660 Taillight, RH 220-16639 $65.00
TRI0661 Taillight, LH 220-16639 $65.00
TRI06137 Vacuum Solinoid, 4WD $155.00
TRI06148 Wheel Hub Assembly, 4WD $295.00
TRI06111 Window Reg, RF Manual $85.00
TRI06112 Window Reg, LF Manual $85.00
TRI06118 Window Reg, RF Electric $105.00
TRI06119 Window Reg, LF Electric $105.00
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