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Parts Listing for TOYOTA HIACE KDH 200/222 F/LIFT
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In Stock Out Of Stock Genuine Aftermarket
HA1010 Air Filter Box, Square Diesel $165.00
HA1011 Air Filter Box, Square Petrol $175.00
HA1032 Bonnet, Narrow Type $195.00
HA1031 Bonnet, Wide Type $195.00
HA1001 Front Bumper Cover, Narrow $245.00
HA1002 Front Bumper Bracket, RH $45.00
HA1003 Front Bumper Bracket, LH $45.00
HA1007 Front Bumper Cover, Wide $255.00
HA1008 Front Bumper Mesh, Narrow $75.00
HA1009 Front Bumper Mesh, Wide $75.00
HA1014 Front Bumper Blank, RH $45.00
HA1015 Front Bumper Blank, LH $45.00
HA1042 Front Door Check Strap $45.00
HA1004 Grille, Chrome $245.00
HA1022 Grille, Full Chrome $165.00
HA1016 Grille, Narrow Grey/Blk $135.00
HA1017 Grille, Narrow Body Blk/Chrome $175.00
HA1013 Grille, Wide Body Blk/Chrome $175.00
HA1018 Grille, Wide Grey/Blk $135.00
HA1005 Headlight, RH 26-127 $195.00
HA1006 Headlight, LH 26-127 $225.00
HA10196 Mirror, LF Guard $125.00
HA1023L Mirror, LH Black 3 Wire $205.00
HA1024 Mirror, LH Black Manual $125.00
HA1027 Mirror, LH Black Manual $115.00
HA1023R Mirror, RH Black 3 Wire $205.00
HA1025 Mirror, RH Black Manual $125.00
HA1026 Mirror, RH Black Manual $115.00
HA1019 Mud Flap, Set of 4 $175.00
HA1019LF Mud Flap, LF $35.00
HA1019LR Mud Flap, LR $35.00
HA1019RF Mud Flap, RF $35.00
HA1019RR Mud Flap, RR $35.00
HA10195 Tailgate HighStop Light 26-130 $115.00
HA1030 Tailgate Handle $55.00
HA10152 Tailgate Shell, Narrow Body $995.00
HA1037 Taillight Filler Panel, LH $30.00
HA1038 Taillight Filler Panel, RH $30.00
HA1039 Taillight Filler Bracket, LH $30.00
HA1040 Taillight Filler Bracket, RH $30.00
HA1033 Taillight, LH 26-120 $148.00
HA1034 Taillight, RH 26-120 $148.00
HA10204 Throttle Body, 1TR 2TR $295.00
HA10203 Turbo, 1KD $1,250.00
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