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Parts Listing for TOYOTA HILUX (KUN) F/LIFT
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In Stock Out Of Stock Genuine Aftermarket
HL08196 ABS Sensor, LF $295.00
HL08197 ABS Sensor, RR $295.00
HL08198 ABS Sensor, LR $295.00
HL0872 Air Filter Box $545.00
HL0873 Alternator, Brand New $695.00
HL08241 Badge, Door Hilux $75.00
HL08243 Badge, Door 3.0 $25.00
HL0837 Bonnet Hinge, RH $66.00
HL0818 Bonnet, Non Scoop Type $295.00
HL0817 Bonnet, w/scoop hole $525.00
HL0819 Bumper Reinforcer 2WD $95.00
HL0820 Bumper Reinforcer 4WD $120.00
HL08157 Clock Spring, Airbag $175.00
HL08165 Clock Spring, Single Plug $175.00
HL08166 Clutch Thrust Bearing $99.00
HL0840R Control Arm, Front Upr RH 4WD $270.00
HL0880 Door Handle Chr, w key $80.00
HL0896RL Door Hinge RL (D/Cab) $65.00
HL0896RU Door Hinge RU (D/Cab) $65.00
HL0897LL Door Hinge LL (D/Cab) $65.00
HL0897LU Door Hinge LU (D/Cab) $65.00
HL08156 Door Lock Catch, RF $95.00
HL0813 EGR Cooler, 1KD $595.00
HL08208 EGR Valve, 1KD $495.00
HL08224 EGR Valve, 2KD $995.00
HL0829 Fan Blade $130.00
HL0852 Flare Clip, Red $3.00
HL0853 Flare Clip, Blue $3.00
HL0815L Flare Extension LH $75.00
HL0862 Front Bumper Cover, Non Flare $195.00
HL0869 Front Bumper Cover, Flare Type $195.00
HL0882 Front Bumper Cover, Non Flare $call
HL0899 Front Bumper Cover, Flare Type $435.00
HL08194 Fuel Filter Prima Pump $150.00
HL0833 Gear Bush Kit $45.00
HL0808L Guard LH, Flare Type $335.00
HL0809L Guard LH, Non Flare Type $295.00
HL0808R Guard RH, Flare Type $335.00
HL0809R Guard RH, Non Flare Type $295.00
HL08161 Hanger Bearing $48.00
HL0811 Headlight, RH $245.00
HL0812 Headlight, LH $245.00
HL0823 Headlight, RH $295.00
HL0824 Headlight, LH $295.00
HL08288 Hi Stop Light, Red $89.00
HL0847 Hoodledge, RH $call
HL0846 Rear Bumper, Assembly Chrome $245.00
HL08153 Seatbelt, LF Pre Tension $call
HL08155 Seatbelt, RF Pre Tension $call
HL08250 Side Panel, LH Rear Hook Type $495.00
HL08258 Side Panel, LH Rear Smooth $695.00
HL082132 Steering Rack, 4WD $695.00
HL082133 Steering Rack, 2WD $695.00
HL082140 Steering Rack, 2WD $795.00
HL08104 Tailgate Shell, Side Open $425.00
HL08105 Tailgate Shell, Centre Open $425.00
HL08100 Taillight, LH 71-3 $120.00
HL08101 Taillight, RH 71-3 $120.00
HL08102 Taillight, LH $75.00
HL08103 Taillight, RH $76.00
HL08204 Throttle Body, 1TR 2TR $295.00
HL08222 Throttle Body, 1GR $295.00
HL0804 Turbo, 1KD $895.00
HL08281 Window Reg, RF 4DR $165.00
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